Quack a Duck

Domestic ducks have been kept for food consumption for at least 4000 years. Dating back to the Mongol-led Yuan dynasty in China, the Pekin duck is the most popular global breed for duck consumption and the basis of the New Zealand duck sector. 

Quack a Duck, based in Cambridge is the largest producer of duck in New Zealand with a network of farms around Cambridge.

Here day old ducks are cared for in a heated brooding room for 14 days before being moved to large sheds.  Here the ducks are free to roam  and grow until they reach 42 days old.  They are fed through an automated feed system, along with reticulated drinking water and continuous lighting, with dry bedding in the form of fresh wood shavings spread daily throughout the sheds. 

Once mature they are transported to Quack a ducks processing plant in Cambridge.

Mat says, “The duck from Quack A Duck is definitely under used in the region. It is a real gem of a local product”


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