Naturally seasoned by the sea

Salt laden winds continually dust the herb filled pastures Costal Lamb lambs graze on. This gives their salt kissed Coastal Lamb it’s unique mild, clean taste and delicate, succulent texture.

Rich and Suze Redmayne are passionate farmers from Turakina. From the beginning their vision for Coastal Lamb has been to offer customer an insight into where their lamb is produced and to share the story behind the farm gates.

Coastal Lamb began in 2010 with the lambs from the Redmaynes farm “Tunnel Hill”.  The company now have 17 families from the east and west coasts of New Zealand’s North Island producing multi-award winning Coastal Lamb.

Chefs and restaurant diners alike enjoy the story and provenance of the Coastal Lamb brand which is gaining a significant worldwide reputation.  In 2019 Mat claimed the New Zealand best dish prize in the inaugural Costal Lamb Challenge with his dish of lamb loin, confit shoulder, smoked kelp, dashi potato, beach spinach, kimchi, white asparagus and kina butter. “I have a real love for the sea and for meat,” says Mat. “I love being able to forage ingredients, like the nasturtiums I used as garnish, foraged from the side of the road in Coromandel. I get to meet lots of my peers through the competition and competing brings out the best in me!”

Mat says, “Coastal produces some of the best lamb in NZ. Richard and Suzy are very supportive of the restaurant community and very passionate about what they do”


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